Sunday, February 7, 2016

People You Meet on the Road: QMII

ON trans-ocean trips the ship will offer to seat you with other solo travelers.   It is a gamble if you will get along or as happened on my April crossing, most people did not show up for dinner after the first 2 night......

A special crossing on the Cunard line several seasons back was a different group who attended every evening.   And I credit it to the two most interesting people I have met on my yearly crossing to work in Italy.   Mary and John were engaging, interesting and a joy to sit with.

Being a story teller and asking questions that others do not, I was very interested in John's military history.   He was kind to share some of it with me and I hope he does write his book in the future.

Even though the video was only about John, I believe Mary could write the book on how to speak to strangers and make them feel at ease.