Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Solo Mature Travel is Increasing!

       Travel  is NOT only for the young or what I call the 'ark' people, 

                  those that go 2 by 2.                          You can go great places solo......

                           BE A TRAVELER NOT A TOURIST

May 1, 2012, 12:23 p.m. EDT

Overseas Adventure Travel Concurs with Older Americans Month 2012 Theme: "Never Too Old to Play"

More than 50,000 Americans 50+ Choose Soft Adventure Travel

BOSTON, May 1, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- As the U.S. celebrates Older Americans Month, beginning today, with the theme, "Never Too Old To Play," Alan E. Lewis, Chairman and CEO of Overseas Adventure Travel, offers the following insights into the soft adventure travel preferences of the 50+ market, including top 10 travel destinations for 2012.
"How older Americans travel today is far different from just a generation ago, when coaches would shuttle older travelers through five countries in 10 days to see the sights," said Lewis. "At OAT, today's traveler is healthy, physically fit, and off the bus -- eager to explore remote destinations, interact with local people, and engage in cultural activities. And close to 3 in 4 of OAT's 50,000 travelers are female (70%) -- up from 2 in 3 (60%) just 10 years ago, with one-third of them traveling solo."
According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are more than 94 million Americans older than 50. Travel is the number one pastime for Americans over 50 [Immersion Active 2010], accounting for four leisure trips per year and making up 57 percent of all leisure travelers [Travel Industry Association 2012]. Today, more than 40% of Americans are single [2012 U.S. Census] with more than 35 million having taken a vacation by themselves in the past three years [Travel Industry Association 2012].
2012 Top 10 Adventures for Americans 50+
Serengeti (Tanzania and Kenya)
Machu Picchu & the Galapagos
Costa Rica
Source: Overseas Adventure Travel
"Having raised their children and now at retirement or close to it, many Americans over 50 are ready to play," said Lewis.
About Overseas Adventure TravelEstablished in 1978, Overseas Adventure Travel is the leader in international small group adventure and discovery for Americans aged 50 and older. It is part of Grand Circle Corporation, which also owns Grand Circle Travel, Grand Circle Cruise Line, and the nonprofit Grand Circle Foundation, which has donated or pledged $91 million to educational, cultural, and humanitarian organizations since 1992.
SOURCE Overseas Adventure Travel
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