Friday, June 14, 2013

What is your philosophy on travel?

DSCN2319     Travel Philosophy, what is yours?  
When travel is no longer the 1 or 2 weeks your don’t work every year but part of your life just as integral as the need that may come over you to see the sea or the view from a mountain………one that expands your    viewpoint.                                                                                
  I didn’t think I had a philosophy about travel until I finally decided to have adventures not vacations.
When I travel I try to keep this mantra in mind: Be a Traveler not a Tourist Learn Something New find a New Adventure Experience the Local Life  
Last night I read on Budget Travel Adventures the following:   To be a better traveler, you can't just visit a place.
You have to experience it with your emotions and soul.
Only when we go beyond what we see can we tell a travel story (through words or photos) that's worth sharing.

I love it when a simple sentence or statement will arrest my thinking or stop the project I am working on.  
Too often we don’t take time to think.  Until I stopped working a 24/7 job I had no idea there was such an exciting ‘box of chocolates’ (from Forest Gump) out there and I will keep sampling….…..

I asked the author of Budget Travel Adventue, if I could use his motto for his blog:
Travel passionately, budget wisely, and experience more - that's the motto of the new blog, Budget Travel Adventures.
Jeremy Branham Horsetail Falls mountains-S
Budget Travel Adventures wants to help you experience more when you travel and inspire you to be a better person.
read more about JereBranham on the above web site.                                                                                                                                                      
What is your Philosophy?


  1. Be a visitor, not a tourist. Expect the unexpected and regard each situation as an adventure and opportunity to really experience the culture of a place.

  2. great outlook! now if Americans only had more than 2 weeks to experience life each year, we may be much happier.....