Saturday, December 27, 2014

Americans won't walk

I share with my European colleagues and friends that most Americans drive wherever they go....often because we live outside of a town or city. 

We drive for lunch at the local fast food restaurant and eat in our cars, drive for a coffee, drive to the bank and now even CVS (drug store) lets you drive up to a window to pick up prescriptions.

Some of you may remember the Drive In movies that are all but gone from the American landscape.

Well yesterday after a week of cold and rain, the people at Myrtle Beach SC came out to walk!

 I come to walk or sit and read at the beach most days when I am here but except for summer months I have never seen so many people

And they were in 'packs' almost like lemmings following each other all in the SAME direction....but that may have been because the sun was much warmer walking south.

So Americans will WALK if you give us somewhere to walk.

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