Saturday, June 20, 2015

Eat with a Local when you Solo Travel

EatWith  another way to meet locals 
for a solo traveler

I heard about this company more than a year ago and since then their web site states they have expanded to more than 150 cities!  Wow.

For a recent trip I searched the site for an opportunity to meet locals in the cities I would be visiting and an alternative for a solo diner.

I could choose from a full meal to 'tea' at a greater London location.
My problem was scheduling and planning ahead so this adventure is still on my 'list'.

Today's search for London as an example gave me an opportunity to share a meal offering everything from British fare to Indonesian.   My own town, Atlanta, offered a chicken cooking class.    Great opportunities.

What a great way to learn about a city!

Have you tried Eat With?

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