Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When Business Class is not Enough

After 10+ years of saving frequent flyer miles to take a business class trip as far as the points will go.

Now I find that business class can often be no better than premium economy.  But that may only be on particular aircraft.

Delta to Seattle:   butt numbing seat, yes better than the back of the plane but NOT worth $400

Korean Airlines:  First leg, only 2 customers in business class!   No first class customers.  A delightful crew. Up in the air on time, lunch within 15 minutes!

Waiting for leg 2 in Korea.   I was encouraged not to go to the business class lounge, it is 'too far'.
The Narita airport KA lounge was not as nice as the Starbucks store.  Food wrapped in plastic, terrible coffee and almost nothing else.  

KA lounge in Korea is bigger.  Menu is better with some hot food, but little fruit and salad.
Can I please have an apple?
Good desk space, free wifi and some quiet

Great airport:  Bigger than a mall
Offers FREE showers
Has 'relax' lounges, where people sleep until the next flight

Now there are separate classes for lounges!
Don't try to go to the First Class lounge you will be sent to the 'other location'.

The check in lines are separated
The seating is separated
The lounges are separated
Even asking a question at the airline desk is separated by 'class'

I still prefer sailing to Europe or Asia.   There is nothing about air travel that encourages me to travel more.

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