Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Solo Fares on Cunard: Single Occupancy Rates! It is about time.....

Cunard is Breaking Waves with  Single Occupancy Rates!

For all my fellow solo travelers who have the time and funds to travel by ship, or what other travelers call cruises, the BEST NEWS was sent to me today. 

As a former Cunard passenger, I just received notice that there are SINGLE OCCUPANCY RATES on several of their trans Atlantic and New England cruises.

Here is the email......   Just be sure to leave one cabin for me!

There are other sailing dates and destinations offered.

Now what must be done to encourage other cruise lines to offer NO SOLO SUPPLEMENTS?


It is Time!


  1. Tried Cunard and found no break for Singles. Cunard is not single friendly.

  2. that is true. i almost never find the Cunard site with attractive fare.
    i have booked 2 crossing at my goal price: $100 a day.
    one over a year ago for $795 and another this past dec for alomost the same but I upgraded to a balcony for about $1000+or-
    both of these were sent to me by email.
    i scour the cruise sites daily when i know i can travel again. On the 795.00 pricing, even the travel agent i used was surprised. it takes a lot of work and Cunard posts close to their sail dates.
    i try to post what i find on this site.
    would you like an email when they have another sale?