Monday, February 4, 2013

Worry about traveling solo?

I have traveled solo for the past 15+ years from necessity and then from the sheer joy of doing whatever I wish.

Many other solo travelers write about adventures they take in countries I have to search a map to find.  I stopped reading many of their posts and books since it only made me think I was too timid, shy and had no sense of adventure on the trips I undertake.

But I just read the very sad tale of a solo traveler to Turkey.
American's death in Turkey puts spotlight on solo travel

As countries are crossed off my list of places to visit, because of wars, political unrest or their attitude towards woman, must I now cross Turkey off the list too?

Last year I read about a company in the USA that (for a fee) would keep track of you when you are traveling on a date or just off on your own.    Unfortunately they do not work outside the USA.

What precautions do you take when you solo travel?     Telling your hotel where you are going is useless.   I have left notes in my room but in many countries the staff does not read English.  
Does the American consulate have a system to track us?   They wouldn't let me the embassy in Rome or the consulate in Florence,  and I believe my taxes pay the rent on those buildings.

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