Friday, May 20, 2016

Paid ticket and No where to go.............

Delta is holding me hostage to use a refund voucher within 60 days..................Use it or Lose It!

Where to go?

I am between two very big trips and really do not want to plan, pack, stand in line and squeeze into the back of a plane just now.  And today the 3 hr lines at security needs to be added to the mix.  

So where do I go from Atlanta for just $400 +

Some trips in the USA are better road trips:  within 500 miles or to the many beach towns.  More than 500 miles there are great cities to explore.

It is interesting when you sort out the hundreds of cities you can visit from a major airport, how many cities have what I call B appeal.  Some are far more expensive than a trip to Europe!  And of course starting on Memorial day everywhere will be crowded with 'vacationers'.   It will be more difficult to find solo places to stay, obtain a table in a restaurant and often attend interesting sites, museums, theaters.   Traveling solo is a juggling act, often only traveling off season.

Google Flights suggests the following from my A list:
Toronto, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, Portland, Oregon, New Orleans, Vancouver, Colorado Springs, Calgary if I take West Jet and the usual Boston, Philadelphia, NYC or Washington, DC.

There are only 3 cities I have not visited but there are 8 that I have not visited as a traveler NOT a tourist.

But time is money:  add a search for car rentals, hotels and 'things to do' there is perhaps a 100 hr investment in a ticket Delta won't extend for me.

It is NOT only about money it is about WHERE to invest time and funds to obtain a new experience.

I read recently on Boots n All Travel an article by Mary Richardson,  who describes "getting the lowest price is not always the best value when it comes to travel. On the contrary, sometimes going too cheap is a waste of money".   I can add that not all 3 star hotels are equal.  Coach seats on long flights are torture.   My trips are a constant search for new hotels or alternative places to stay and 'solo friendly' places to eat.   I pay more for plane reservations when I can select a seat and check a bag and now hotels that include restaurants give me a back up plan in a city I might not be familiar with.

So the next 2 weeks will be a constant review of all my options for this small, non refundable Delta ticket.  

Do you have a suggestion?

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