Saturday, May 21, 2016

Solo was a dreaded 'four letter word'

Now there are SIX LETTER WORDS

As a solo traveler have you found prices for solo rooms soar during the typical 'vacations weeks'?

Have you found hotel prices higher during particular regions?

Beaches and points of interest are full of tourists. 
Finding a parking space may be your first concern when you stop in a town/city.

And I understand why restaurants cringe when you ask for a table for one (only 1/2 the income).

Family travel and couple travel are a large part of beach travel and resort vacations.   Just a few weeks ago you could hop a short cruise from a southern port for less than the cost of a hotel and meals.   

You can still find a flight during off times and airlines have not started to charge more for ONE seat, but the dreaded '2 for 1' advertising is a warning sign.   And don't ask me what I think of pricing for cruise lines.................

What do you think?

Have you gone to an amusement park solo?
Beach or island resorts:   have you gone solo?
A concert?
A dinner show?

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