Thursday, May 9, 2013

Comfort and Flying: who put those words together?

On rare occasions I have been able to use years of saved Frequent Flyer miles to sit in the front of the ‘bus’.    And it is better than the back.

But now I have discovered Virgin Atlantic, premium.    You may have to fly hundreds of miles to an airport that Virgin  but one benefit is only 6 hours in the air if you leave from Boston.
a splurge for premium economy was well worth it, the return will be with the peasants in the back and I shall let you know how that is…… additional $500+ for a return was NOT worth it.

What a shock when they offered dinner……perhaps I am not cosmopolitan enough, I had to ask what the entrée way and when it was explained to me I could not eat either.
Not a problem, we arrive in 6 hours and no one starved in 6 hours…….and as part of this adventure, can  you become fit, loose weight and still have afternoon tea and cake…..

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