Saturday, May 11, 2013

Road Warrier Solo #3 ARRIVAL

What to do when you are too tired to enjoy a new city?

I often arrive to the start of a new adventure so tired from planning, preparing to leave and arriving that I cant enjoy day one, can even stay awake and often begin the start of a ‘travel cold’.

Perhaps you are one of the lucky few who get off a plane and start to site see, eat the local cuisine and if you a blogger, begin the first of many posts…..

Well I am not that lucky.  
Even splurging for a very comfortable ride with sir Richard Branson (seats great, food too strange to eat) I barely made the 1hr tube ride into London without dozing off.   I really resent my body when it can not just ‘buck up’ and get out there.   

first day:  maintenance, tube card, endless search for a sim card, tube travel with 1/2 of the worlds population squeezed into a shoebox, lovely street walks with major monuments/buildings within blocks, annual visit to the crypt under St. Martin in the Field for a bite to eat, more tube squeezes, (is this where the phrase squeeze the tube came from?)  and finally to sleep for 10 hrs….

hey what happened to shopping?  the famous British tea or at least CAKE?   I mu

I must get out there today to make up for all of this..

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