Thursday, May 2, 2013

Speed Travel Planning, Leaving in 7 days

Road Warrior 7 Days Out

No matter how far in advance I start planning for my next trip, it is always  the last week I start to panic.

Planning a multi level trip is like doing a puzzle.   All the pieces have to fit together to make a final product.

Unless you are just going to one location, book one hotel, have one activity  you don’t ‘work the puzzle’ you just book each layer and go.

I insist every trip have something interesting to do, something new to experience and if I am lucky new people to meet.

Since my original trip was canceled I have had 2 + weeks to put together a 30 day event:
6 countries, a stay at a university, with an opera singer in London.   

It may be interesting.   Now to complete packing in 36 hrs.....

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