Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Walks in NYC




Looking for participants during filming of The Walks in NYC


Great opportunity to take a free tour in NYC with The Walks of NYC during a filming event June 5, 6 and 7.  


THE WALKS OF NYC needs participants for tours being filmed in June


The Walks of NYC will be filming tours next week and a few of the tours are new additions to The Walks of NYC.

The tours they need help with are:


10AM, Sunday June 5: Greenwich Village Food Tour, led by the wonderful Simona. There will be lots of food and a decent dollop of history. It's a great tour and a great free lunch. Duration is 3 hours.

8.30AM, Monday June 6: New York In A Day  includes a 9/11 walking tour, boat tour to see the Statue, stroll through Greenwich Village, lunch in Chelsea Market, walk along the High Line AND access to the Empire State Building. Duration is 8 hours. We may have to change the itinerary of this a little but the concept will be the same.

3PM, Tuesday June 7: Crime Tour. This is a new one - a tour of Wall St, Chinatown & more with retired NYPD. It's a storytelling tour based a little on historic scandals in NYC and a little on the guide's own experience. . Duration is 2.5 hours


Emiliano will be doing the filming and is great at what he does, so you mostly won't even notice that he's there.


Anyone who wants to join can get in touch with  at The Walks of NYC


Note:  I have taken the tours the parent company offered in Istanbul, Turkey and was amazed at the depth and variety that the guides shared.   Reviews can be found at Mature Solo Travel.

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